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Pricing adjustment, announcements and the artist's many first time experiences

Hi Peeps!! It's been 1 year since I launched the website. I am really grateful for all the continuous support up till now, even my overseas fans!! I wouldn't have made it through last year without this online store.  :)

That being said, with the rising cost of inflation worldwide, my cost price have went up quite considerably. With a heavy heart, I have decided to raise the price of my prints by a bit. The 50% off sales will end on July 31st 2022. August onwards, the price will be increased to 40% off . 

On a bright side, I will try to implement back the photo frame overseas shipping option in the near future since the stocks supply has returned, albeit more pricey now. I am still trying to figure out the pricing etc. 

I understand the price hike might stings a bit but I do seek your kind understanding.


OKay!! For my reddit and fb friends and followers who don't follow me on IG, fyi I had a retina detachment and went for eye operation last February. It took me slightly more than a month to heal.  Afterwards, I went on an art hiatus on April to focus on my real estate exam, which I failed once again, which explained the lack of updates on the 1st quarter of the year.

So this July, I will be paying more attention to the real estate exam again. new drawings will continue to churn out but at a slower rate.  The first half of the year was quite hectic to me ngl, with me spending quite a bit of time on gaming to relieve some stress. HAHAH. Rest assured, I'm all good!! I've set some small targets and will work towards my goals. After surrounded by many talent music artists around me, I'll game less and maybe go back to playing Electone on my leisure time.   <3 

There will be no local physical pop up booth in July. Maybe intermittent booth in August and October. But ultimately I'm hoping to get the booths confirmation for New York Con in November and AFA2022 happening in the later part of the year. I have secured a slot in SGCC Dec 10,11 2022. Be prepared to see more kickass Marvel and DC superheroes drawings! Hahahah.


Oh oh oh!!! So the sudden valorant drawing updates came because there was a fan meeting with my favourite Valorant SG/MY team. I churned out the drawings like a mad dog in hope that I could get them to sign on it. AND THEY DID. HAHAH. It was probably one of the best highlights this year. I even got a group photo with every one in the team. That was my first time going for an Esports fan meet and was such an unforgettable day!!  Apart from that, I decided to treat myself a new PC as my 6 years old laptop was giving way. I bought a webcam and mic recently too and tried out podcast for the first time, cordially invited by my friends. It was quite fun!!! :D  

Err... I did my first cosplay as Kong Ming. Click on the link below and look at this retarded guy doing weird stuff. HAHHA, 

That's pretty much what I would like to share for now... See yall in the next non existent sporadic blog post. Tee hee!   Love yall.

York   : 3